Chester & The Lamp


Remember J’s cute kitten, Chester?

We all thought that he’s a he, but he’s a she. J wants to pretend that she never found out that Chester is actually a female. I want to do that, too;\

We decided to conitnue calling her Chester. I still love her. I want her to be a boy, but that won’t happen. Now, we are HAJS+C because Chester is officially part of us. She’s going to be at every gathering.

This is one hell of a story. I was hanging out with friends at college, and F was telling stories of stupid deaths. A guy actually died because he was standing on a moving car. He fell off the car when they encountered a speed bump. Stupid? Allah yer7ema. Anyway, we are discussing the stories when suddenly.. The lampost right in front of us falls over!!! Just like that. Seriously, wtf?! I mean, what if someone was sitting under that lampost. It was a very comic scene. Here’s a photo of the suicidal lampost.

Thanks, F:)

I feel like coffee ice cream. I wanted Chester to spend the night. I love HAJS+C. I treat Poshlust like it’s my baby. I repect my parents. I’m smiling.


14 Responses to “Chester & The Lamp”

  1. 1 chikapappi

    offf I so feel like ice cream right now! :/ Chester is a cutie! Good it’s trained now! 🙂 o the lamp thing is freaky!! aiiish!

  2. 2 Noufa

    shouldn’t J check her gender before she named her? I mean the poor thing has been treated like a he for a while now, LOL that’s torture 😛

    Kifan Uni is so F-ed up they need to rebuild the whole campus!

  3. 3 Amu

    chester is so cute… and lol @ the suicidal lamp post…Well I thought they just did alot of construction work in the Keifan campus how did this happen then

  4. 4 Amethyst

    She’s the cutest thing!

    The lamp.. I know! Imagine our faces when that happened. We were struck for a few seconds;p

    She did;p

    I hope they do that after I graduate.

    I know, she’s such a darling.

    I have no idea. Anything can happen in Kaifan;p

  5. 5 arch96madi

    abey!!! i ddnt know i missed soo many posts!!! lool!!! malat 3ala architecture! madri shalla 7adni!!!!! loool… anewayy!!! im sowwy!!! hehe
    and yeah!!! chestoorryy!!! u know, we should call her chestrette:p hehhe.. 3ashan ma ita3a8ad!!! ba3ad galby walla {;)}!! she was sooo cute ilyoum!!! katkoota!!! lazem it7i6een the video ili ehya ga3d til7ag il mouse!!! hehe
    and yeah!! the freaky lampost!!!! 7adda i wntd to b there!!! ehehe!!! f yabha yeyb il pic!!! 7ada documentation….
    luv u CHAJS!!! i dont mind chestrette being in front of me…:* atnazal 3an ma8ami…

  6. 6 Blue Dress

    I am eating ice cream double fudge choco because im all better ;p-

    i think chester will grow up to be gay.

    why would any one sit uner that?! lool , allah layableenah oo allah yer7am ili tewafah.

  7. 7 kila ma6goog

    it looks like a she!

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Yes, and you’re not forgiven. Poshlust is mad at you.

    I know! 7ad`ha zougha;*

    The lampost incident is just too strange.. But then again, our college is a strange world;p

    3alaich bel3afya;p

    No, she won’t. We discussed that last night;)

    Because in Kaifan, anyone can sit under anything:)

    Kila Ma6goog
    No, it doesn’t. Chester looks like a he. I know you think she looks like a she because you wanted her kittens for Salma:) And J isn’t going to let her get pregnant.

  9. 9 GreY

    Chester is a girl ? Why she has a boys name ?

  10. 10 Amethyst

    We thought she was a boy until recently. So, we named her Chester back in her male days;p

    We’re still calling her Chester. No renaming:)

  11. 11 haj

    Yes, no renaming to my baby! Chester can sound like a girls name too ;p
    This morning she was going crazy, she woke me up just so I can play with her. Too bad shes so frikken cute, I can’t say no :/

    LOL at the lamp story!!!!!!!

  12. 12 Amethyst

    You better wake up and play with her every time she does that;p


  13. 13 suspic

    Did you think it was “overly-neutered” when you checked her gender?

    The lamp post reminded me of Final Destination..

  14. 14 Amethyst

    She could’ve been.

    Hehe, I can see why;p

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