I feel humorous, frustrated, random, and challenged.


People, I’m officially addicted to these comics! Do you find them funny?
Okay, an update of the strange language of the sweetest professor I have:
1. “They put him in the etc.”
In the what?!
2. “He killed him you know, etc.”
No, we don’t know! Grrr!
3. “We say ‘both’ when we have two things.”
Really? This is my second year in college, I’m in an English Literature major, and I did not know that! *pouts* I’m offended!
4. “So they look at him monster you know who.”
Umm.. wtf?!
5. Coat = Quote
No comment
6. “What do we find there else?”
We find you taking English classes?
7. “He makes the Arabs killed.”
Makes them killed? I want to make me killed!
8. Reemond = Raymond + Meursalt = Mozart
*pretends not to notice*
9. Bullis = Bullets
Again, no comment
Problem is, I like her! She’s the sweetest professor there is! Seriously, people, I like her as a person. I just don’t want her to teach me. I feel like shooting myself in her class. It takes a lot of effort and mental struggling to piece her words together so they actually make sense. Oh, well… I guess I have to suck it up until the end of the semester. *sigh*
Reemy, thanks for documenting;*
Bits and Pieces
The other day I went to Burger King on campus with Sou. The two phillipino worker ladies thought it was strange that a Kuwaiti is hanging out with a non-Kuwait. Umm.. Why?
I love hugging people. When I mean it ya3ni I never hug people I don’t like;p
My enjoyment of coffee elevates in the winter. Can’t wait;p
Today, I realized that I’m really into American Gothic literature.

Ok, this is a serious topic inspired by my American Literature class (thanks to K.P.). I have a question. Do you think humans (I refuse to use the word man) are perfectible or sophisticated animals (don’t take it offensively, read the rest)? Yes, literature brings that question to mind. Now, I know that some writers have written about how humans are able to become almost perfect if they follow certain guidelines (Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Paulo Coelho, etc.). Others, (Charles Brockden Brown, Edgar Allen Poe, Jeffrey Eugenides, Charlotte Bronte, Orhan Pamuk, etc.) have written stories that somehow encourage the idea that humans are blinded by their instict. Which got me thinking that animals are blinded by instinct! Some animals eat their children when they are hungry. I understand that we do become beastly when we are put in situations that reduce us completely to our instict. I also understand that we can become poshlusty once we set our mind to it. I have an answer I’m very content with, but I prefer to keep it to myself. I want to know what you think. Are humans perfectible, or are they merely sophisticated animals?

9 Responses to “I feel humorous, frustrated, random, and challenged.”

  1. 1 chikapappi

    Hmm! Seriously! That’s the teacher!!!?!?! I think someone should correct the guy at class walla!! :/

    As for nationalities, it’s weird how people think bas there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing, we are all human & Sou Is amazing – lucky you 🙂

  2. 2 kila ma6goog


    thats so 1970s!

  3. 3 Amu

    I agree with chika on that so my comments are no different then her!

  4. 4 Amethyst

    Yeah, she’s too nuts for us to correct her in class:)

    It is weird;\ Sou is crazy:D

    Kila Ma6goog
    Hugging is not “in” anymore? :O

    I love hugging people:(


  5. 5 haj

    If i was in that class I wouldn’t be able to stand the professor talking like that. Things like that annoy me the most lol

    i only love hugging certain people ;p like HAJS and a couple others.

  6. 6 Amethyst

    I know! It would piss me off if I wasn’t this happy;p

    Same here:)

  7. 7 Sou

    You hugged me in class today, yay! hehe

    Dr. Ya3youni is hilariousssssssss!!! I can’t stop laughing!

    I like Esteé and Sunitha! I haven’t seen them in 2 days and I miss them! You’re right, what’s the big deal with a Kuwaiti hanging out with a non-Kuwaiti, but ya3ni can you really blame them for thinking it’s weird? Have you seen the girls in the cafeteria?! *shudders*

  8. 8 Cat

    Shakoo el nationalities bel friendship !!

    el friendship akbar men el nationalities thingy !

    I can be friend with any one I like 🙂

    I love hugging more than kissing it slef!

  9. 9 Amethyst

    You were freaking out;p

    Hehe, yeah. You should join us in class one day.

    I saw them on Wednesday. You have a point there;\

    It’s a strange world.

    I love hugging, too:)

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