Don’t you step on my Blue suede shoes!


I have class at the Arabic for foreigners language center at KU with a high school friend. Classes with high school friends get memories started. Anyways, so we sit next to each other, and sitting next to her is this girl. She asks the most stupid questions. First, I was trying to be nice about it because I wasn’t really paying attention in the first place. But then, horror strikes, and I start getting pissed. Every single time she asks a question of such stupidity, I share a knowing look with F (my high school friend). This example is provided by F:

Dr: “La limti7an bas as2ila mako 7ifith”
Girl: “Ya3ni dr. mako 7ifith 7ag limti7an?”
*beats violently with chair*

You get the idea. Now, F is referring to those questions as “wise.” Lol, just a few more months, F. Hang in there;p

I always thought professors set tests based on the textbook we use for the course and what they say in class. I never imagined enetering a test where most of the questions asked were beyond my (and at least five other people’s) knowledge. Hmm.. What do you think, ya 3youni?

I’m reading this now.

So far (Chapter 5), each chapter is a first person narrative by a different character. The story is about the mystery behind a murder. It goes back and forth. The language is very direct. I think I’m going to like it.
In defense of literature, again!
People wonder why people read. For me, reading literature is an escape from reality. It allows me to go into another world far away from my own very limited life. In books, I find worlds and people I will never experience being in/with. Literature widens my perspective and helps me create for myself a more broad sense of what is “out there.” I feel like it has made me a better person, and it will continue to do that for me. I find that I expect the unexpected more. I end with September’s Quote of the Month:
“We must for dear life make our own counterrealities.”
-Henry James

15 Responses to “Don’t you step on my Blue suede shoes!”

  1. 1 Farah

    No seriously, as I said.. for someone as weird as her I think she’s too daring to be asking this many questions.. come to think about its.. she shouldnt even be opening her mouth half of the time she does :(.. i know im mean.. but ive never met anyone weird and gutsy simultaneously.. usually I’d expect her to be the shy kind and not even talk ;S .. BUT ITS ANNOYING THAT SHE DOES 😐 !!!!

    Okay this is getting beyond mean lol…

    bas i let it out khalas..
    LOL My GOD the things she says 😥

  2. 2 Ghalia

    LOL, ilbint 3ajeba, i wonder who she is ;p bacher ra7 itwareneyaha inshallah !! 😉 and the book your reading, “my name is red” sounds depressing, bas whatever, you like it and thats what matters 😀

  3. 3 arch96madi

    the way litereature to u is the same as architecture to me… lool.. i can do it allll day long… i DO do it all day long:p hehe
    i think literature is ili m5ali mo5ich kbeer… thts y ur soo open to other ppls point of views… u live vicareously (is that how they spell it?) through the lives of the characters u read of… bs madry shloon rasich ma e3awrich… ana 1 hour ba3dain a a9de3.. and this hour consists of not mre than 20 pgs… max,,,
    abey lool! i can only imagine the gurl wiyakom!!! ashkal KU!! lool!! tara ma’3za KU il asasi inna it3alim il insan il 9abr…
    lloool!! luv u (HAJS)

  4. 4 Blue Dress

    loool! well everytime she asks answer her with the same word in her questions . so you will have the annoying answers, she will get it soon enough

  5. 5 kila ma6goog

    حرام عليج

    ليش القساوة؟

  6. 6 N.

    You reminded me of those who ask questions in class.. those questions that you wanna just smack the person upside the head.. most the time they’re comments and not questions reminding the teacher/prof about something he/she missed, haha!

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Lol, tara we didn’t spend much time together. Sorry for the homework that came up all of a sudden;*

    I know. It’s vicariously🙂

    And I though I was already patient before KU. How wrong could I be?

    blue dress
    I prefer to simply smile:)

    kila ma6goog
    Shasawi? It gets on my nerves;\

    How do you smack someone “upside the head”? I don’t get it;p

  8. 8 chikapappi

    I tell you, you could just ignooooooooooore! she will get it at one point…

    As for reading to escape reality – honey! you know! I live in my own world! LOL!

  9. 9 Joel

    (Off topic post)

    Interesting library you have there. Sounds like Paulo Coelho is your favorite author!

  10. 10 Amethyst

    That’s exactly what we’re doing:)

    I’m glad you like it. I love Paulo Coelho:)

  11. 11 haj

    hahah that annoying girl sounds funny! everytime she asked the prof the same question, be sarcastic and say to her, “Cuz he DIDNT just answer that a minute ago!” and then give her one of ur looks LOL! (Y)(Y)

    …. I think literature is the best thing that’s happened to u!

  12. 12 N.

    lol, I’ll make it easy for you, check this out:


  13. 13 Amethyst

    I’ll be nice for once. Wela shrayech?

    Haha! Love the example! I will definitely use the expression some time soon;p

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