A Happy, Under Pressure Post

This is an image of Poshlust in Eden. That is, if Poshlust was a person to begin with:)

I came to terms with myself last night.

A couple of days ago, a friend e-mailed me an article on a religious topic on how some people feel the need to impose their faith on others. Right. I read it. It upset me. I use the word “upset” in the sense of disappointed me, not crying or sad upset. Why?! Yes, I’m frustrated! Why do people have this urge to impose their thoughts, values, beliefs, etc. on others?! We are individual people. Living in the same society does not mean we have to have the same set of morals. Morality, to me anyway, is something a person creates for themselves depending on their judgement. I let off most of the steam when I replied to my friend.

After that I went to a high school class reunion. *Smiles in happy memory*. As we socialized, I realized that there are good people in my life. I do not know many who are willing to force people into a certain path. My high school class is made up of people who I think will make this country a better place.

After that eventful reading, thinking, typing, and socializing session, I decided that I am satisfied. I am content with the faith I have made for myself. I am happy with who I am and how I think. My morals are moral to me. I can decide for myself what is right and what is wrong for me without the help of others. My spirituality is my own business. And, finally but most importantly, I will not impose my world on others.

You are free to point all the fingers in accusation and conviction… But you have to live with the idea that I simply do not care. There! *makes a fist of victory*

On Saturday, HAJS (-S) had a BBQ gathering. H got a new studio constructed for her architecture work. The room is amazing! Mashallah + allah yhaneech feha before we take over;*! We had the bbq in the balcony of that room, which looks over the street (very romantic, eh?). J had fun walking all over the roof. I had fun just being with them because they are my bestest friends. Between a movie, a book, and chatterboxing, they made the tiny things special. For those of you who remember the pizza recipe I’m obsessed with, HAJS along with M and F( H’s sisters) got to try it. J, I never asked, how did you like the coffee version of the dessert ;)?

P.S. Sorry I had to leave early;*


16 Responses to “A Happy, Under Pressure Post”

  1. 1 Ghalia

    bathoug ilpizza thing mal baitkum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 haj

    Ghalia, the pizza thing is AMAZING! i didn’t think it would this good mashallah! i loved ittt!

    Andd noo I didnt get to try the coffee version of that cake, I don’t really like coffee plus by the time we finished eating I was bloated ;p

  3. 3 arch96madi

    lool.. wuts with the cartoon???? hehe!!!! block13 poshlust….:p
    as for the judgmental people… i think its sad that people cant carry a normal conversation/discussion anemre! dayman im3a9been oo itha ma kintay min nafs tafkeerhom then ur against them… oo vice versa, people who do wrong things call themselves openminded,, oo itha ay a7ad as simple as na8ash’hom 3n il maw’6oo3 they call them judgmental… even if there was no emposing concerned… kilman 9ar imnafis oo shayif nafsa,, no majal for a civil discussion…
    assss foooorrr theeee bbqq!!!!! looool! tht was fun.. ma3a ina 7ar!! u know yabeela winter oo chay wiya wintlat pudding;) oo i cnt wait for u guys to take over my room.. we just need the tv! luv u (HAJS)

  4. 4 Amethyst

    You will when you get your behind over at my place. Traitor!

    Keep seducing Ghalia. We won’t see her for the sake of seeing her! You got to blackmail her with a picture again;p

    Hussa loved the coffee version more than the original;)

    I’m not referring to you as arch96madi. Too long!

    The cartoon is random (ahem, you should know by now);p

    There shouldn’t be any judging for one simple reason:
    What is wrong to me, may be right to others and vice versa.
    Fortunately, since I’m spending most of my time with people who share the same mentality with me, I do have civilized discussions. Once in a while, I get savagely attacked (verbally) by wicked people. I try to avoid those, but sometimes the hypocrisy goes overboard. No one should ask anyone to accept their point of view. Everyone should respect everyone else.

    I can’t wait to conquer your quarters. Too bad S won’t be here to help;p

  5. 5 Swair

    3awafeee ;D

  6. 6 The Don ®

    “What is wrong to me, may be right to others and vice versa”

    well said 🙂

    For instance, if you meet an Austrian lady that lived all her life in a secular environment, and tell her exposing your hair is wrong, she would disagree with you, (what you have is wrong, is right to her), on the other hand, (if she is Christian), if she came and told you that cousin marriages is wrong, you would disagree with her.. (here.. what’s wrong to her, is right to you and nothing is wrong with it).. so it’s not about open mindness, it’s about the environment you are living in, and the beliefs you were raised on. But I would say.. the Austrian lady should live her life the way she likes in her surroundings, and you do the same in your surroundings..

    Btw, the “you” here is not pointing to anyone.. just giving example here

  7. 7 Very.Q8ya

    a7is min ilsora ashim re7at il burger tshawwweg =p

    bil-3afyaa =]

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Allah y3afeech:)

    the don
    I speak pearls;p No, really, respecting (not neccessarily accepting) others beliefs is being open minded.
    You can mean me by the “you” since I’ve given up caring what people think:)

    Hehe, we’ll invite you next time. The company is always better than the burgers. Allah y3afeech.

  9. 9 kila ma6goog

    ما فهمت الموضوع

    مخي مشتت

  10. 10 N.

    Bel 3afiya! It is always to reunite with good ppl. Polhust looks cute, and her choice of fashion is awesome ;P

  11. 11 chikapappi

    I missed the BBQ?! Grr

    You see girl, I don’t like people imposing thoughts on me at all bas if it comes in a form of an advice with no crticism ok, if not then to hell with them! No one judges me but ALLAH

  12. 12 Amethyst

    kila ma6goog
    Try concentrating.


    People with strong personalities tend to feel that way.

  13. 13 Cat

    9e7taaain 3 albek 🙂

  14. 14 arch96madi

    hey my queen.. the judgment issue 7ada is gona go on and on forever! oo lo insolif min ilyoum layn bacher ma ra7 in5ali9… aneway.. i just wanted to say that people cant differentiate between a ni8ash an a judgment anemre.. ay 7adeeth aw 7iwar 3n shay sensitive ekoun judgment,,, oo tht is from both sides all the time.. atleast thts wut im c-ing in my life ya3ni… i think ppl should respect other ppl’s beliefs and cultures as a well as have the ability to carry a civil, well organized conversation just for the hell of talkin…
    aneway.. life is a bi#*^… bs shasawee, i still love it:P
    luv u (hajs)

  15. 15 eshda3wa

    as long as ur happy and in content then who cares what others try to impose! in the end god will judge u as an individual!

    Yum food, im so hungry!

  16. 16 Amethyst


    Hun, it’s the people you are having a discussion with that makes a difference:). And remember, respecting doesn’t mean accepting.

    No one should care what others impose. I’m wondering why those who impose feel the urge of forcing their values on others?

    7ada yum!

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