A HAJS Thing..


This post is for those who do not know what HAJS is (especially Chikapappi). HAJS is the collective noun my 3 best friends and I use to refer to ourselves. Examples:

Mom: Where are you going?
Moi: HAJS gathering.
Friend: What did you do yesterday?
Moi: Hung out with HAJS.

The word HAJS is a combination of the first letter of what we call each other. Let’s say we called each other Henry, Aurora, Jellybean, and Suki. The first letters combined would equal HAJS.
Although we haven’t known each other for a lifetime, it feels like we have. We are complete opposites. With time, we discover more differences and less similarities. It’s strange, but these many differences are bringing us closer together. Fortunately, we are comfortable enough to tell each other everything.

That’s the general idea. The rest is for us to share amongst ourselves.

HAJS: Luv u;*

J’s Surprise;*

J’s birthday came and went. We (H & I, because S is not in the country) cooked up a surprised for her. Of course, to add a little spice to the whole thing, I had to pretend my parent’s did not allow me to go on this party night out. So, when we went to pick her up, and she glanced to her side and saw me, she had one poshlusty reaction! It was really funny. I was happy to see her that happy. The night was amazing because J was smiling all the time. It meant so much to me that she was happy. The day was hers.

Love you J;*


12 Responses to “A HAJS Thing..”

  1. 1 Blue Dress

    Happy Happy!
    nice name idea.

  2. 2 haj

    BEST POST EVER!!! I LOVE IT! obviously .. ;p cuz its all about me πŸ˜€
    Good idea that you explained who we are, some people were realy confused what HAJS meant.
    I had the BEST birthday ever. Thank you guyz so much.
    HAJS, Im thankful to be a part of you!

  3. 3 White Wings

    real frindship does not come along often in life…enjoy πŸ™‚
    and happu birthday to J

  4. 4 chikapappi

    Baby girl… I know what it means πŸ˜› I keep teasing you LOL!

    Happy birthday! Mine is on Jan 1st 19 freggin 80! in case someone wants to add a comment here too on my age!

    AM OLD Shoot me!

  5. 5 hassawi

    every1 in the world deserves HAJS in their life!!! 7imdilla for u guys… u keep me goin!!
    oo J deserved everything…. loool!! tht day was fun… loool! aham shay il cd fight! the highlight of the 6al3a!! lool!! and the mercedes who cracked up behind us!!! hehe!!! aneway, it was fun,, oo just the fact that HAJS were there i mre thn enough… bs la,,, S wasnt,, and i miss her like hell… luv u mucho HAJS

  6. 6 Amethyst

    blue dress

    Lol, you deserve to be happy, and you definitely deserved the surprise;*

    HAJS is thankful you’re apart of them:)

    white wings
    Enjoying:) Thanks on J’s behalf:)

    Lol! Your birthday is with H:) You’re only 27; that’s not old.

    Couldn’t agree more. Bebe was the star of the cd fight! Lol! I miss S, too;*

  7. 7 S

    im sad 😦
    i keep on missing out on alot :/ .. anywaaay ,, happy birth day sweety ,, wish u all da best ;***
    im glad u had da best time ever !! tistahlain πŸ˜‰ (K) .. i was looking at da pics 7assawi sent me o thy look SOOO NICE … 3laikm bil 3afya o sm1 go tell fa6ma shes looked adorable i loved her outfit o da color was jst perfect on her ;D … o laish ma7ad galy 3n il cd fight πŸ˜› ????

  8. 8 Amethyst

    Don’t be sad. You’re the one who always says that things happen for a good reason. There you go. Love you;*

    I keep forgetting to reply about the comment I didn’t reply to before.

    Lol, okay now it’s the “h” word. I’ll add it to the collection. Plus, I can’t not make up imaginitive swear words. Just for a while until I get the hang of things. You know how it is;p

    Yes, I like being single, and I could give you a list of reasons.

    Shimy is the name of a Nestle product as you can see.

    The bear is named every time I see it (according to my mood). Right now, he’s a he, and he’s called Shathura;p

  9. 9 Ghalia

    thats such a cute post,w im glad ena j istanisat πŸ˜› you guys are soo cute lol, ana 3abaly hajs referred to one person only qasdy jjay with an “S” added to it, now fahamt πŸ˜€ yay! ;p

  10. 10 Amethyst

    Lol! Ma asadeg! You just figured? Better late than never I guess;p

  11. 11 Very.Q8ya

    HAJ .. 3abali 7aj LOL .. thanks to chikapappi for letting U define the word πŸ˜›


    ysllsh happy birthday J

    3asa alla laa yafregkom min shar ;*

  12. 12 Amu

    Got it now πŸ˜€

    nice gang of four ppl I hope you guys dont attack :PpP *joking*

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