"If no love is, O God, what feele I so?"


People, it’s official. I’m in love with my professor’s mind. He gave us Chaucer on the first day. He acts while reading out loud. He does a very slow basic mambo dance step repetitively while reading poetry to the class. He wears nice clothes. He looks clean. He speaks perfect English. He makes us laugh. After I comment on something to R (friend stitting next to me), he expresses the same thought in different words. I think this is going to be the class of the semester for moi! Absolutely loving it! Definitely not minding the work that he piles over our heads:)

I was walking with Sou because she wanted sticky bickies (post-its) yesterday, and this girl from one of the election campaigns comes up to us and offers us a CD. I usually ignore them, but this time it wasn’t a flyer or an invitation, it was a CD. So, I asked her who she is representing, and she said “Mostaqilla”. I asked her what was on the CD, and she replied “Fethaye7 elqawa2em elthanya.”
Yes, it’s a shallow method to win. Yes, I think it’s a stupid thing to be passing around. Yes, it’s called “Maseerat Takhathul.” But I took it. I put it into the drive. I looked through it. I’m surprised.

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin last night. Which got me thinking.. Why is it so hard for people to respect other people’s lifestyles? I mean, they choose to smoke. Why change them? Shouldn’t you like or dislike them for what they are? They choose not to be guided with religion. They think religion is superstitious. Why interfere and impose your thoughts on them? I know people who are obsessed with that! I feel like screaming in there faces to BACK OFF!!! Let me live like I want to, leave others be!

Today is a special day.


8 Responses to “"If no love is, O God, what feele I so?"”

  1. 1 Blue Dress

    Ok I’m totally 101% with you on the “why can’t others respect”…
    Bess if it’s only an advice as in
    -stop smoking its bad for your health.
    -Maybe you should connect with god more.
    With out actually forcefully imposing…. that’s not so bad.

    Your professor sounds so 3ajeeeb.
    i always thought ina in order for you to get good education you need a good educator and there are only a few … willa il education kil-ha down the drain.

    Yalla good luck with your classes.

  2. 2 White Wings

    happy special day hon 🙂
    so happy you’re enjoying class; it’s important to respond to the teacher’s method…keep up the hard work
    elections?? don’t even get me started
    best wishes :*

  3. 3 hassawi

    and i wanna meet behbehani, he seems so interesting, ithakirna ib our TA ,3ali, except he has no fashion sense wutsoever.. hehe..
    and about imposing wut’s on one’s mind.. many ppl do that.. oo may7awloon isawoon il dialogue discussion,, dayman hosha…
    and omg!! i think the inti5abat things are soooo pathetic.. shi’3il yahal.. wayn ga3deen,, kil wa7id iti6anaz 3ala il thani oo yinsoon ohma a9lan shino injazat’hom.. wutever…
    luvs u muchoooo (HAJS)

  4. 4 Sou

    I love our professor, he’s amazing!!! Only thanks to you, I feel like a complete idiot in class. lol Keep it up, both you and Dr.B teach me stuff ;p

    As for the CD, I showed it to my brother and he threw it away; interesting, right?

    See you on Sunday! (remind me to get the freaking book!)

  5. 5 Amethyst

    blue dress
    I agree. As long as it’s not imposing, then fine.

    He is 3ajeeb.. Mashallah!

    Thank you:)

    white wings
    Thank you:) I’ll update on that. You don’t need to get started on the elections. I’ll drop by one day, and we’ll discuss it:)

    It was amazing.

    Yeah, I want to meet 3ali ba3ad.

    Now you know why I don’t talk to people about certain topics. It’s not worth the headache.

    Lol! I know I’m getting on your nerves, but I can’t help it. It’s interesting!

    I’m so having a sit down with my family over that CD. The steam is not even out, yet.

    See you tomorrow. I will when I’m done with Middlesex and My Name is Red🙂

  6. 6 haj

    THANK YOU SO MUCHH!!! last night was amazing, and it definetly wouldn’t of happened without you and Hassawi. I have the greatest friends in the world ;D
    Oh, and your prof. sounds great Im really glad your enjoying the class. And YESSS i totally agree with “why cant other respect other people’s lifestyles”, I can go on forever with that topic but im gona choose not to because no matter what you say and how much you do, people just won’t change.

  7. 7 chikapappi

    Ok, I still can’t figure out who HAJ is bas yalla! No problemo, here I go:

    people now have no respect for one another at all; they make it sound & seem like it is easy for them to barge in your life & try to “fix” you in their own way without even knowing what the hell you are going through & I hate that very much… I think people should mind their own business unless they are really tight…

    Not even in Religion, one only gives advice if they know the other party accepts it – that’s it

  8. 8 Amethyst

    DON’T THANK! You deserve it;* Especially don’t thank hassawi;p j/k..

    Read previous replies to your comments. I agree! It’s not for us to try and change other people.

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