To My Grandmother’s Limits!!!

[Happy Birthday HAJ! You’re a must-have in everyone’s life babe, and you got no idea how much I love you;*]

Okay. Let’s start with KU. One of my literature professors talks weird. I mean she rambles and says things like “an information”, “literatures”, and “ya 3youni.” So, I don’t think I’ll be able to understand what she’s saying, especially since she ends her sentences with “etc.” and “you know.” Nice, huh? Well, I expected it, but the extent of the unusuality of her speech far exceeds what I had in mind. On the positive side, I have two pretty amazing professors who will take my mind off the extraordinary one.

I’m frustrated! The people that brought me into this world are driving me crazy! Aaaaaah! I have a theory to go with that, but I have to test it on them before I share it;) Love those two;*

I finally got Middlesex! Thanks to H. I had to finish another book before I started it, but the first chapter is great! Really keeps you going. It’s one of those books with little hints that you make mental notes of, and when the other side of the foreshadowing is revealed, you go “Aha!”

Interesting cover. *winks*

Right! Enough talking about things that seem to have nothing to do with each other. Going straight to bed. Nighty night, young sports (yes in a Gatsby mood)!


7 Responses to “To My Grandmother’s Limits!!!”

  1. 1 chikapappi

    WHO IS HAJ!!! @@

    Ya 3yoony! She sounds like Fawzya eldree3! LOL!!!

    Middlesex! I think you are too young to read that 😛

  2. 2 Blue Dress

    That book looks interesting. whats it about?

  3. 3 Amethyst

    Check reply on previous comment:)
    She does have the Drai3iness.. No one is too young to read anything:)

    blue dress
    I’ve just started it, but it’s about hermaphrodites. The hermaphordite in the book is a first person narrator, so it should be interesting. I’ll post a review when I’m done to satisfy your curiousity better:)

  4. 4 hassawi

    wa a5eeeran we9al middlsex!!!! ma ba’3ayna… 3ala 7anitich 3alay i think ud finish it in a week:p… hehe… and the old *!r#y doc… looooool!! yalla,,, amusement in the day ya3ni,,, ta’3yeer… shino isimha?? nesayt!! i would really love to meet her though,, madri laish a7is it7i6 7omra ili ti6la3 min il lips:D,, kaaakk… oo haaayyyy,,, 6awlay balich 3ala il F and il S… tara they r my second parents,,, oo intay akthar wa7da it3arfeenhom 3adil.. minipulate them!!! luv u (HAJS)

  5. 5 Farah

    LOOL you and your book! Its SICKKK!!!! .. And about ur professor.. at least you dont have one that says “Dinaw” at the end, in the beginning, and in the middle of each sentence.. I’m still not sure what it means… I’m guessing “Dunno” ?

  6. 6 haj

    WOHOO THANKKK UU 😀 IM 19!! i lovve u dawling :** best post ever!!! I’ve decided to be birthday girl for a week, too selfish to have one day only, it’s not enough ;p
    FINALLY you started reading that book ;p thiba7teena feeh! yalla hope you enjoy it!


  7. 7 Amethyst

    I want to finish it like right now! But I have other stuff to read for school, so patience patience.. Manipulation has officially started this morning;*

    LOL! La, you have to read it to understand that it isn’t. You only saw the cover babe! Don’t be judgemental;p Dinaw.

    Ha, of course it’s not enough. Be for a month! Let’s just hope I do see you bacher;*

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