Something Unpredictable

Today. First day of uni. The professor I’m excited about didn’t show up.

Another Randomania folks..

  • Stevie thinks I should have been name Tenille.
  • Don’t tell people how to drive while they are driving (hassawi;*).
  • A says Poshlust sounds like an oriental flower.
  • The only people I can talk religion with are HAJS.
  • I did not swear (okay, not intentionally) since Ramadan started. I’m
  • When I hurt someone, I feel like I haven’t showered for a long time.
  • Everything (okay, not everything but anyway) is either censored or
    banned in this country!
  • I [HEART] Al Pacino (& Colin Farrell on the side).
  • Van Ghogh’s Starry Night is one big meditation.
  • I’m not cold-hearted, I’m just not into sentimental stuff that doesn’t
    strike me as real.
  • My jam3a buddies are a show. Kaifan isn’t the same without them;*
  • I laugh in different ways according to my mood.
  • “I’m not opinionated. I’m just always right!”
  • I like being single.
  • Question: Is “hell” considered a swear word?
  • I don’t watch everyone-sleeps-with-everyone-and-everyone-dies-in-the-
    end series.
  • Hmm.. Wondering if Abdullah AlRwaished sings in the shower..
  • I don’t want to buy or rent a car right now.
  • Qamza with Rabe3 Egypt is the funnest thing to do in all of my moods

And a random picture to go with the list:

And finally, among my favorite things:

My phone:)

J.Jay says this magnet reminded her of me, so she had to get it;p

My fave necklace these days

My only teddy bear. HAJS.

The t shirt that says a lot about me. Hassawi.

Aaaah Van Gogh!


My baby!


13 Responses to “Something Unpredictable”

  1. 1 White Wings

    I was about to ask who HAJS is when suddenly i see the picture 🙂
    I like your necklace and you sdo sound like an oriental flower..
    and i am in love with the guy who plays Al-Nimer Bin Adwan these days 🙂

  2. 2 MiSs 6aB6aB

    Heey gurl .. how are ya .. adri ena ilqamza weyana is the funnest thing to do in all of the moods:p bss 3ndi t3leq
    most badleya:
    – 3ashrat alaf:p

    – kelmten 24/7 tgolenhom :
    – EJAM3A ;Pp
    – AY SHAY 😐 ;/

  3. 3 haj

    “I don’t watch everyone-sleeps-with-everyone-and-everyone-dies-in-the-
    end series!!!”
    ARE U TALKING BOUT GREYS ANATOMY? CUZ IF YOU ARE THEN THAT’S JUST GOING WAY ABOVE THE LINE! you do not, i repeat, DO NOT diss Greys Anatomy ;p that show is the only thing i got to keep me entertained hal ayam, without it, I would go crazy haha!
    Second ,,, HAJS are amazing! I love us 😀 we get the chance once a week to just let it all out, no judgmenets!

  4. 4 Amethyst

    white wings
    Actually HAJS is the collective noun for my 3 best friends and I. Makes things easier. Yeah, I should’ve explained under the teddy bear. HAJS gave me the teddy bear. The bear doesn’t have a name. I name it according to mood:)
    If the necklace wasn’t a gift chan ma yeghla 3alaich:)
    I’m in love with him, too. Who would’ve thought? Very masculine!

    Miss 6ab6ab
    Hey! It’s NOT “3ashrat alaf”.. It’s 3ashrat alf, and it’s NOT a badleya! Wallah fehmaw ya3ni ten thousand + 3asherat alaf = 3ashrat alf;p

    Lol, sorry babe! Entertains you, but bores me to death! I love HAJS more;* You guys keep me sane! I would have gone crazy wild long ago if it weren’t for you guys;* Love you more;*
    P.S. Don’t swear! I’m trying to quit remember..

  5. 5 MiSs 6aB6aB

    Laa walla badleya u ma t3rfen :p

  6. 6 Ghalia

    heeeeeeey, i dont really have anything to say except ena that was a nice and entertaining post hehe ;p w aham shay ena u like colin farrell, that, i never knew!

  7. 7 Amethyst

    Miss 6ab6ab
    Zain bas 3n elfethaye7. Enough people know my arabic sucks;p

    Yeah, it recently developed;)

  8. 8 chikapappi

    • Why Tenille
    • Yeah, especially ME
    • What does it mean a9lan!
    • Good girl 🙂
    • That’s a good thing – feeling guilty I mean
    • LOL
    • Al’s the MAN
    • It’s beautiful I agree
    • That’s being REAL
    • You go to Adaaab huh!
    • Stubborn!
    • Me too!
    • Hmm, not really!
    • Hmm…. Got no clue!
    • Hmmm….. that’s where he began 😛
    • Better … save some money
    • Weird lingo chick!!

    Nice pics 🙂

  9. 9 Blue Dress

    whats hassawi?

    And LOL on Rashid i think he does.

  10. 10 hassawi

    hey 7ayaty…. ana tawni rada min 3omra… oo mo5i 7ada imgafil…soo inshala ill comment tomoro…. and HAJS (luv u)…. hajooj 7bbty… cnt stop sayin sorry… luv u happy bday

  11. 11 Amethyst

    I don’t now why Tenille. I certainly don’t look like a Tenille. About poshlust, read my first post. HAJS is the collective noun for my 3 best friends:)

    Hassawi is one of HAJS;p

    Missed you babe;*.. And don’t be sorry, cuz now I don’t feel left out. You can make it a habit if you like;p

  12. 12 hassawi

    YES! HELL IS A SWEAR WORD!… oo dont use diffrently spelled swear words to avoid swearing! its the same thing!!!!!!loool..
    and i ddnt know u like being single;) yoma minich yal 3ayara…
    loool… tadreen ina i get to know many new things from those random pages.. i really like’m…
    and wuts with the “shimy” thing?? wut is it a9lan… and the bear has no name haaaa???????;|

  13. 13 hassawi

    and i forgot…
    nice to meet u;)

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